Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome to the History of the First Church

Thank you for your interest in the history of the First Congregational Church of Middleboro, Massachusetts which was organized in 1694/95. Rooted in the religious foundations of the original church of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, this church retains a rich history that speaks to the faith of our fathers.

The intent of this site is to share this extensive history in an effort to provide a reference for those researching, and interested in, the historical significance of this old New England church and the surrounding community of Middleboro.

In time, this site will feature posts of much interesting and useful historical facts, information, pictures and documents related to the church
and its history. For other information about the church today visit:

Jim MacDonald III, Church Historian


  1. Thank you for posting this. My (how many greats I do not yet know) grandfather was a minister of this church. It helps to see some of the history of the family I know so little about. The pictures are wonderful!

  2. My ancestor Dr. Samuel Fuller was a Mayflower passenger, and his son Rev. Samuel Fuller was the 1st minister of your church. Thanks for the added inof I didn't have.


  3. I bought a book that had a bookplate for Natalie Cummings (Sept 7, 1914-Apr 12, 2000). Her father was Reverend at this church from 1905-1954. It was a child's book published in 1921 and appears to be a birthday gift, most likely her 7th birthday. Her address on the plate was the parsonage at 5 Plympton St and her funeral was at the church 6 Plympton St. She lived to the age of 85. Between the bookplate and her obituary, I almost feel like I knew her. Very pleased to find all the information on this page. Thank you!