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Original Organization of the church and earliest church record


The First Congregational Church of Middleboro, Massachusetts

Copy of the record of the 1st Church in Middleborough or rather the most ancient past thereof

Looking over the records of the first Church in Middleborough, made out and printed for the information of its members into the history of said Church; I noticed that there no account of the formation of s’d Church, nor the names of the first members of it, And having the writing of my Great Grand Father Ebenezer Fuller a copy of the record of the first formation of said Church & the Covenant they entered into and the articles of Faith xe. And thinking if that record was lost, it would be grattifying to the present Pastor and Church to have a ancient copy of said record transcribed March 8th 1734 by one (with his own hand) who was a member of said Church in Middleboro-, with confidence that it is an authentic copy of the original record. As my Great Grand Father Ebenezer Fuller who copyed and preserved it, doubtlefs , for his own use, was the Grand Son of the Rev Samuel Fuller the first Pastor of said church.
Noah Bosworth
Halifax Sept.r 5th 1826


Middleborough . March 8, 1734
A copy of the records of the first Church of Christ in Middleborough, which was written by Mr Samuel fuller the first pastur of that Church.

(1) Thou shalt remember all the way the Lord hath lead thee this forty years Dutre: 8.2 ----------------------
December 26:1694 --------------------- A Church of Christ was gathered at Middleborough formerly called by the Heathens Namaffacut a fifhing place as fome say ------------------ The persons & there names that Entered in to Church fellowfhip fome of them members of Plymouth Church before; being Dismiffed from Plymouth for that intent ; fome of them members of oather Churches Dwelling here then and fome of that were never in Church fellowfhip before that time whofe names are as followeth --------------------
(2) Samuel fuller & his wife
John Bennet and his wife
Jonathan Morfe & his wife
Abiall Wood & his wife
Samuel Eaton . Samuel Cutbart
Jacob Tomson and his wife
John Cob juner
Hefter Tinkham
the widow Deborah Bardon
Weibrah Bumpus
Ebenezer Tinkham his wife not being prefent by reafon of sickness in there family yet after owning the covenant of the rest being in the esteem of the reft itt is as well as if she were there prefent at that assembly

Ebenezer Tinkham Isaac Billington Jacob Tomfon these then Baptifed foone affter were Baptifed the Children of John Cob in there infancy ; John, Martha, patience, Allso Lidia bumpus, the Daughter of Weibru Bumpus

(3) In:order to the gathering of A Church it pleafed God who hath the hartes of all men in his hands to move upon the hartes of Sundry of thefe to defire a church might be gathered in thif place to defire it and seeke it of God; and devine providence made way for it – Letters was fent for minifters and Bretheren to affist in the work, namly, to Plymouth, Sandwige,& Barnftable, and the Elders fent mr John Cotton , mr Rouland Cotton, mr Jonathan Ruffel, and Brethren to affist them - - -

mr Samuel fuller then ordained to be Teacher to that Church who had Lived there and preached the word amongst them whofe preaching god had made beneficial to Divers of them

and made Choyse of by mutual confent. God can & oft doth out of the mouth of babes and fucklings ordain praise.

John Bennet Sene our Brother, ordained Deacon – Deacon in the Church of Middleborough March :10 being the fecund fabbath in that month, and chofen by a full confent to that office some confiderable time before, Who formerly dwelt att Beverly whome god sent to in the way of his providence sent to dwel in Middleborough to be fervicable there in Church and Town

A Copy of the Church Covenant that was read & Consented to at the Church gathering

for as much as it hath pleafed god who hath commanded us to pray daly that his k kindome may come & be advanced and hath given Derection in his holy word and many fould Encurregments to his poor fenvent fervents to seek him & sett forward his – worship & the Concerment of his Glory ……….

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